Welcome to the new Gut Psychology Blog!

With all of the information that is coming out regarding the relationship between your digestive health and your mental health, I decided it was time to create a go-to place for accurate, up-to-date, and powerful information.

First of all I want to encourage you for being empowered and searching for information to help you improve your or your loved one’s health! In this age of medicine, we have to be equipped with knowledge to help us make the best decisions. While the modern medical model leans primarily on prescription medications to address depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD and more… alternative medicine opens the door to endless opportunities for healing.

The purpose of this blog is to share the information I have learned about healing mental health concerns, naturally. I have been in practice for over a decade and have the honor and privilege to work with patients who want to treat bipolar disorder naturally, or who want to get to the root cause of their anxiety, and others who are ready to take control of their depression.

Feel free to contact me with questions and let me know what you’d be interested in reading about. I’d love for you to share your inspiring stories with other readers!

My intention is to create an environment that is safe, informative and encouraging. I may not always be able to give direct advice to specific concerns but I will do my best to offer guidance and resources. As always, this blog is not intended to replace good medical care and I encourage you to see your primary care doctor regularly, and to seek local support—whether that is with a counselor, psychiatrist, naturopathic doctor, spiritual leader, close friend or family member.

When interacting with other readers on this site, please do so with compassion and respect. In order to maintain the integrity that a topic of this importance deserves, objectionable comments may be removed.

Thank you for the great privilege of being a part of your journey. Please invite your friends, share posts, and spread the word! Stop by this blog regularly for updates and don’t forget to share your experiences! The more people who hear this encouraging message, the better!

To learn more about me and my practice, go to www.DrNicoleCain.com.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Nicole Cain

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